Dance the night away at The Pop Party of 2017 with B*Witched, Atomic Kitten & more

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Dance the night away at The Pop Party of 2017 with B*Witched, Atomic Kitten & more

Whilst 90’s music is often reflected upon as the age of new wave music, it also confirmed that pop music was here to stay with some of the biggest pop bands – often hailing from UK – dominating the global charts. Acts like B*Witched, S Club 7 and Atomic Kitten were and are still a household name, with most still being able to recall popular songs.

And in what’s been a resurgence in revival tours, Metropolis Touring are presenting Australia with a B*Witched headlining show, The Pop Party of 2017, to make sure Australia does not miss out! Joining the Irish girl group is Atomic Kitten, S Club 3, East 17 and Liberty X – all performing their most popular bangers, guaranteeing a nostalgic night of singing and dancing.

This is off the back of a sold out UK arena tour, with B*Witched known to play some Australian top 10 hits like C’est La Vie, Rollercoaster, To You I Belong, and Blame It On The Weatherman.

Whilst five of the original cast of S Club 7 are no longer present, S Club 3 comprises of Jo, Tina and Bradley who are not short of bringing the goods singing fan favourites Don’t Stop Movin, Bring It All Back and S Club Party.

Alongside them are Take That’s oldest rivals East 17, UK Atomic Kitten who’s song Whole Again is the fourth-best-selling song of all time by a girl band, and Liberty X who will be performing their hit Just A Little in Australia for the first time in 15 years.

These pop acts will be playing all together on one stage and it’s sure to be a hit with you and your friends.

Get out your glittery scarf-belts, cargo pants and butterfly hair clips because this night is going to take you right back.

When and Where: Thursday Feb 9, Festival Hall, buy tickets at

Just in case you needed a reminder, here’s a throwback to C’est La Vie