Dan Vogl: Gifted In Gold

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Dan Vogl: Gifted In Gold

Sending a big, warm welcome to Dan Vogl, who has certainly arrived in the Australian music scene. ‘Gifted In Gold’ is a fitting name for the debut EP from the Melbourne indie-pop songwriter, as he delivers speckles of gold in a tightly packaged four-track collection.

Opening track, ‘Carousel’, says it well; “they’ll play your song on the radio”. This track is certain to hit airwaves soon with its feel-good energy perfectly suited to a montage of a couple living their best life in a teen rom-com. Vogl’s Shawn Mendes style vocals simmer over a simplistic 4/4 beat and laid back airy riff which could be likened to the ‘Jessie’s Girl’ introduction, echoing each line. He moves into the title track seamlessly, carrying the same energy of simple, purposeful verses with big choruses sonically.

‘I Feel It All’ and ‘Poppy’ follow the same progression and structure but Vogl makes it work adding catchy lyrics and sing-along moments. ‘I Feel It All’ takes a more country approach, moulding a palm muted rhythm with nasal vocal ringing, while ‘Poppy’ delves into the pop zone with its angelic harmonies and synthetic beats.

‘Gifted In Gold’ gives Dan Vogl an identity in the music world; one that I hope to see more of.

Reviewed by Tammy Walters