Abbe May and Dallas Frasca are headlining The Loft’s final gig

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Abbe May and Dallas Frasca are headlining The Loft’s final gig

After twenty long years of supporting original live music, The Loft in Warrnambool will sadly be closing its doors. To ease their passing, they’ve organised a massive farewell party in the form of their eighth annual AROCKALYPSE.

An incredible 36 acts, all of whom have graced The Loft’s stages over the past 15 years, will perform in one jam-packed day at the venue.

The line-up is chock full of rock fit for the end of days including rocker extraordinaire Dallas Frasca, award-winning pop-rock-soul innovator Abbe May, re-uniting local legends The Motorvators, heavy duo King Of The North, Warrnambool’s top tribute act Rage Against The Sewing Machine, Adelaide metal-heads Hidden Intent, and Melbourne indie-punks The Pretty Littles. Nathan Seeckts will be playing too, who if you haven’t listened to yet, then you’re not reading enough Forte.

That’s just the tip of the ice berg though, the 14-hour, three-stage extravaganza will also feature The Alamo, Dirty Rascal, Louise Adams, Nancie Schipper, Lee Morgan, The Refuge, Worm, Hey Mammoth, Mick Ferguson, Snakes Don’t Need Keys, Florian Lindemann, Flynn Gurry, Jess Skye, Phil Holmes, Eight Gauge Jesus, Dave Burgess, Eddie Boyle, The Doctor, Cobey Fletcher, Owen Ellemor, Ruby McKenna, Kinnon, Blake Rudland-Castles, Carly Clifford, Fiona Kershaw & Shar, Tate Mooney, Bronson Valpied, and Martee.

Nobody wants to say goodbye to such an integral part of the Warrnambool music scene, but since we have to, you might as well make your last party there one to remember… and with a line-up like this that surely won’t be a problem.

This last goodbye to The Loft kicks off at 11am on Sunday June 9 and finishes at 1am. Tickets are available through Oztix.

Written by Liam McNally