D’Addario NYXL Guitar Strings [product review]

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D’Addario NYXL Guitar Strings [product review]

Two years ago, we challenged ourselves to reinvent the electric guitar string. The result is the all new NYXL range by D’Addario.
These are the strongest set of electric guitar strings ever made. Stronger than any of their predecessors, they settle to pitch faster, and hold pitch better– with wound strings boasting more output and plain steel strings that aren’t so plain.
Arriving here wasn’t easy. Our engineers traveled many paths, starting with the selection of new high-carbon steel alloys, completely re-imagining the wire drawing process, and revolutionizing the corrosion-resistant tin coating application. The result is something you have never experienced before: unprecedented strength and pitch stability.
Making the world’s strongest string was not enough. Our engineers simultaneously worked to reformulate our nickel-plated steel windings. The result is something you’ll have to hear to believe. These strings have 6% more magnetic permeability, resulting in higher output in the 2-5K hz. range for more punch, crunch, and bite. With more magnetic output, there are simply more possibilities.
There have been only two meaningful generations of round wound electric guitar strings. The original formula, originating in the 1950s, used pure nickel, creating a characteristically mellow sound. In the early sixties, John D’Addario, Sr. introduced a brighter sounding, second generation nickel-plated steel string, which became the industry standard for the next five decades. Today, 80% of all electric guitar strings are based on his formula.
Once again, D’Addario is revolutionizing the electric string. While our family has been making strings for hundreds of years, we take it as our personal responsibility to pioneer and innovate. This string does just that.
We are introducing these strings as D’Addario NYXL strings. This name is an important distinction for us; our family and company have a rich history in New York. All new steel wire has been formulated, created, crafted, and perfected here in the Empire State. We are proud of our New York legacy, and even prouder that all of our strings originate at our Long Island home.”
RRP: $24.99 – (Music Workshop currently offering special introductory deal of $17.50)
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