Curls & Swirls Rolled Ice Cream to close in central Geelong

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Curls & Swirls Rolled Ice Cream to close in central Geelong

Words by Staff Writer

"Goodbye is never easy but we promise to come back with a fresh look."

In a bittersweet announcement, Curls & Swirls Rolled Ice Cream, the much-loved dessert haven, is set to close its doors. The unique establishment has been a go-to spot for those seeking a delightful spectacle of handcrafted rolled ice cream in action.

The closure comes as a result of unforeseen circumstances, including government acquisition, leaving the owners with a mix of sadness and gratitude. As a token of appreciation, they extend heartfelt thanks to their loyal patrons who have played a pivotal role in shaping the success of the business.

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“It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that we share the news of our business closure. Unfortunately, due to government acquisition, we find ourselves facing circumstances beyond our control. We want to express our deepest appreciation for your loyalty and support through the years. Your patronage has been instrumental in making our business what it is today,” the business shared.

“While this closure marks the end of an era, we want to assure you that we are committed to facilitating a smooth transition. We extend our heartfelt thanks to being a part of our journey. Your trust and partnership have meant the world to us. We are sure we will be back with a new innovation soon.”

The last trading day for Curls & Swirls will be on the 28th of January 2024, marking the end of an era. However, the owners assure a commitment to ensuring a smooth transition and express optimism about returning with a fresh innovation in the future.

Curls and Swirls first opened its doors in Geelong’s CBD four years ago, introducing the city to the joy of rolled ice cream inspired by Thai street vendors. The unique process involves pouring a milk and cream base onto cold metal plates, incorporating various add-ins, and expertly rolling up the mixture.

With a diverse menu featuring flavours like Oreo, mint, choc banana, Nutella, Kit Kat, and Tutti Frutty, Curls and Swirls has been a culinary adventure for ice cream enthusiasts. Beyond rolled ice cream, the establishment also offered tubs of Ben & Jerry’s flavours, delicious shakes, fresh juice, and enticing fresh fruit bowls.

As the doors of Curls & Swirls close the central location, Geelong bids farewell to a dessert haven that has been an integral part of the local dessert landscape. Here’s hoping we see them back soon!

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