Crushed by Parkway Drive

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Crushed by Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive have just released the single ‘Crushed’ from one of their most anticipated albums, Ire, out September 25. With ‘Crushed’ and the clip that comes with it, an altered sound also emerges from the band. Check it out for yourself below.
Winston McCall explains ‘Crushed’, “Crushed is a continuation of the musical evolution of Parkway Drive. Lyrically this song deals with the concept of power and control that is the basis for modern society. We live in a time when the lives of the many are lived at the will of the few. Filter information and deceit are used as controls while we are told to fear and persecute rather than understand and sympathise. We have let the balance of power slip so far that a godlike will is able to be imposed upon the masses with little to now way of breaking the cycle.”