Cosmo’s Midnight: Moment

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Cosmo’s Midnight: Moment

By no surprise, this release from Cosmo’s Midnight has created a hyper-real universe, a place where voices are distorted, there’s lots of synth and we imagine everyone wears vibrantly coloured PU getups. ‘Hurt’ is certainly a great example of this, and with its slightly Japanese/gamer feel, puts you mentally in a weird place – but I’m okay with that. There’s a moment where the tempo changes (about three quarters in with vocals “You”) where things get a bit stilted, but it’s only momentary and they use the same vocals to close the single and it couldn’t work better.

‘Walk With Me’ is already loved for the dance track it is, and it seems relatively toned down in comparison to it’s predecessor of ‘Hurt’. Delving right to the end of the EP and ‘Snare’ is a different offering again, while still maintaining the ability to create a somewhat outer world experience. If anything, Cosmo’s Midnight have proved that they’re going to be big players in the Aussie dance music scene, hell, they got a #1 most played spot on triple j.

Out now via Nite High/Sony Music Australia
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh