Cosmic Psychos Gig Review

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Cosmic Psychos Gig Review

The Barwon Club, Geelong – September 11
Supports: Macondo Blowout, Killerbirds
The Check your Bum For Grubs Tour had finally reached Geelong and it was pretty obvious from the turn out at the Barwon Club that night that there had been a lot of anticipation for the show to hit Geelong.
Four piece punk band, Macondo Blowout opened the night and they were a force to be reckoned with. Full of energy and attitude they smashed out tracks from their new EP, The Invisible Enemy, and a couple of oldies too, including ‘F-Bomb’ which got the crowd amped up and ready for the Aussie legends themselves, the Cosmic Psychos. The three piece, all chick band, Killerbirds were the final support and were on fire. They had the crowd eating out of their hands with their heavy baselines and brooding vocals.
Our three favourite Aussie blokes hit the stage and got things started with ‘Pub’, followed by ‘Nice Day To Go To The Pub’ and ‘Lead Me Astray’. As you would expect every song was bloody loud, with ripper solos and bass so filled with fuzz that it felt so wrong, it was right.
Throughout the entire set there wasn’t a single punter in the band room not shouting out every lyric, either at the stage or to their mate standing beside them. Knighty, Macca and Deano gave it everything they had, but in the most laid back way (not that you would expect anything less from the Cosmic Psychos). Even as things got crazy in the mosh and it slowly invaded the ceiling rafters and the stage, the guys didn’t bat an eyelid and seemed to soak up every bit of chaos and beer that flew (literally) in their direction.
The Psychos took everyone at the Barwon Club on a ride that night, we went to Fuck Wit City, they made us check our bums for grubs, got us all thinking about a Hooray Fuck and whether or not we were all a Lost Cause. By the end of the show the crowd were dripping in sweat, the carpets were drenched in beer and our ears would be ringing for days.
It was loud and filthy pub punk rock and it was the Cosmic Psychos in all their flanny wearing, taking the piss, beer bellied glory.
Reviewed by Montana Agustin