Cool Sounds drop relaxed, free-flowing release with More to Enjoy

Cool Sounds drop relaxed, free-flowing release with More to Enjoy

More to Enjoy is the third release from Melbourne indie guitar-pop five-piece Cool Sounds, which has a pretty uniform sound; a lo-fi mix of bright, boppy rhythms and distinct high vocals.

The groovy bass introduction of ‘Hula Hoop Group’ seems an appropriate opening to the album. The track, a bit of a stab at musicians only focused on who and what they make their music with, is easy listening, the type of tune you can relax to. The LPs title track flows with smooth alt-country licks, the drums acting as the driving force of this number. The closing forty seconds create an almost late-60s Beatlesque sound.

‘Hume and Gloom’ stands out from the rest of the album, offering a change from the bright jangle sound in favour of a simple acoustic guitar. The result is a beautiful song, closing with the sentiment “And we all just need some, Someone we can hold on to”. ‘Golden Season’ features a deeper vocal, the jumpy chorus standing out. From the first notes of ‘Blue Motion’, the synths grab your attention. This one is full of movement, and the interlude after the first chorus creates a vibrant sound great to shuffle to.

‘Digi Dog’ opens hypnotically, while ‘Around and Down’ is carried by an imperative bass. The guitar melodies of the latter are bright; you might soon find yourself swaying, lost in the track. ‘Born’ is similar in that it demands movement from the listener, but in a much slower and more mellow way.

Much of the album carries relaxed, free-flowing sounds reminiscent of the 70s, and lead-singer Dainis Lacey’s idiosyncratic falsetto vocals feature on most songs. This develops the signature sound that the album doesn’t really stray from. Fans of Tame Impala will like this, while influences such as the Steve Miller Band and Carly Simon can be heard throughout.

Hotel Motel Records & Osborne Again
Reviewed by Thom Devereux