Cookin’ on 3 Burners are heading to Torquay

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Cookin’ on 3 Burners are heading to Torquay

We chat to Cookin’ on 3 Burners about sweating out in tennis outfits and Kung’s remix of their iconic song ahead of their Torquay show.

Hey guys, thanks for sitting down with Forte! What’s news for the band?

Hey Forte! thanks for chatting to us. Cookin’ on 3 Burners have been cranking it up over the summer period doing a bunch of shows in both clubs and summertime festivals, it’s been awesome. We have also just mastered our latest album this week which has been a year in the making so we are super excited about that!

What was the reaction when you found out Kungs remix of ‘This Girl’ dominated charts across Europe last year?

It was crazy, to hear how this young electronic music producer from the other side of the world had flipped the sweet soul sounds of Cookin’ and the vocal by our mate Kylie Auldist into a summertime dance floor banger – just awesome. Kungs approached us, showed us a sketch of his remix which, we were into, so we sent him the separate parts from the original recording session to play with. Who would have known it would be such a smasher globally?!! We got to go hang out at the ARIA awards this year as it was nominated for the Apple Music Song of the Year and we are looking into heading to Europe sometime this year to follow up on some of the attention.

You also just played the Australian Open, how was that one? What’s the biggest difference you notice between playing massive events like that one, to regional venues?

We were definitely cookin’ at that show as it was 38 degrees! Luckily we all decided to wear full tennis whites and sweat bands for the event so was all under control. We’ve had a really busy summer with some massive shows (including NYE at Federation Square) and some smaller more intimate shows. The Cookin’ philosophy is to have a good time and to give everyone who comes out to our shows the same. We feel it’s really important to not just play city shows but to get out and about playing to as many different audiences as possible.

How does Stella Angelico – who will be supporting your Torquay show – compliment your act?

Stella is a killer soul singer and an amazing performer who we met through the Women of Soul recording project that Jake (our Hammond Organ player) and myself (on guitar) played on. We were looking for a vocalist to do some touring with us and Stella had the right energy and vibe for us. That was 18 months ago and she has been on the road with us ever since – it’s feeling great!

What can the audience expect at your upcoming show at Torquay Hotel? Any new music?

Sweet soul and dirty dance floor funk to keep you feeling fine and shaking your behind! We will definitely be slotting some new material into our Torquay set including our funky breakbeat version of a certain Metallica classic which you have to hear to believe…

Thanks for talking to us, anything else you’d like to add?

Great to talk to you, we are really looking forward to coming down and getting down with you all.

When & Where: Torquay Hotel, Friday January 27, 8pm