Furst Media Complaints Handling Process


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Furst Media Complaints Handling Process

All Furst Media editors agree to be bound by the following complaint handling guidelines and processes for any complaints made by members of the public surrounding published content.

1. Any complaint made about content published should be promptly acknowledged.

2. The complaint will be measured against Furst Media’s Editorial Guidelines and its merit

3. If the content is considered to be in violation of Furst Media’s Editorial Guidelines the content to be amended to fit within the Editorial Guidelines. If the content cannot be amended suitably then it should be removed.

4. Complainant to be notified of outcome and asked for further feedback.

5. If you feel that any content encountered on fortemag.com.au is inappropriate or offensive please notify the editor on enquiries@fortemag.com.au – the editor will assess your complaint against Forte’s editorial guidelines and respond to your enquiry within 3 working days.