Coconut Shy is optimistic for the future on captivating indie-folk ballad ‘The Finest Day’

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Coconut Shy is optimistic for the future on captivating indie-folk ballad ‘The Finest Day’

‘The Finest Day’ is a steady, soft, easy paced yet catchy ballad that is ultimately inspired by one idea: optimism for the future.

Flushed with charming introspective, unique and captivating lyrics and indie-folk soundscapes (a la Bon Iver), Melbourne-based Singer/Songwriter Coconut Shy (the moniker of Joseph Mackey) has been thoroughly embossing his name in the industry over the past couple of years with an intoxicating writing style that fluctuates between mood poetry, fable-telling and reflections from real life experiences.

With a style that blends introspective, unique and captivating lyrics with the gentle sound of his soothing acoustic guitar drawing comparisons to the likes of Ed Sheeran, Coconut Shy’s latest release ‘The Finest Day’ is a gentle, dreamy indie folk song full of heart and depth.

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Independently released on 7 April 2023, ‘The Finest Day’ is Coconut Shy’s first single of the year, and his fifth overall career single since debuting with his EP Japan Town – a three-track collection of peaceful, heart-on-sleeve serenades – back in 2021.

Establishing himself as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter with a heart, and a voice, of gold, ‘The Finest Day’ takes you on a warm, chilled-out sonic journey, championed by Coconut Shy’s honey-sweet vocals, catchy melodies and adept songwriting, leaving you hanging on his every word throughout the track. He sings,

“Well I hear the sweetest sound
When you’re following me around
Into the light of day
And you’re always welcome there

“Into the lightness where
Paper tigers lie in a cage
And the beauty within your laugh
You see how the emblem’s march
So proud of where they belong”

With nods to the likes of Vance Joy, Dean Lewis, Jeff Buckley and Bon Iver, the indie-folk influences surge and flourish throughout the perfectly-timed, highly emotive and pensive track that offers an astute extension of his signature ‘acoustic campfire music’ sound. The perfect exemplar of what he is trying to do with his music: combining the delight of the six-stringed instrument with the insight of genuine, meaningful lyrics, ‘The Finest Day’ is a curious and exciting transition when one moves on from the brooding in the past to being excited about the future.

Written in 2020, ‘The Finest Day’ was written on the same day as Coconut Shy’s previously released single ‘Water, Water’ (October 2022), virtually simultaneously. During one rainy afternoon in March 2020, Shy – who should have been knee-deep in a Psychology essay – found himself toying with the idea of writing a song that focussed on the transition from life as he knew it – before the pandemic – to what things might look like in the future. In a rather unexpected fashion, the idea spilled out into two different versions: ‘Water, Water’ and ‘The Finest Day’.

“It’s difficult to talk about ‘The Finest Day’ without talking about another one of my songs, ‘Water, Water’. I wrote them practically simultaneously. One idea spilled out into two different versions; I think of them as twins. It was the strangest thing – writing two at the same time. It had never happened before that point and I don’t anticipate it to happen again,” the artist explains.

“I guess ‘The Finest Day’ draws from the same feelings and experiences as ‘Water, Water’ did, but with more of a positive light. The latter is trying to pull itself out of melancholic nostalgia, whereas the former looks directly to the future, excited and optimistic for all that is to come. The line at the end of the chorus probably sums it up best: ‘The widest grace knocking at your door, the finest day may come after all‘.”


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Neither overpowering nor complicated, ‘The Finest Day’ is a slow, sweet sonic journey that showcases Shy’s ability to seamlessly combine his smooth voice with soft acoustic instrumentals. Having performed the track live since writing it in 2020, the release of the track feels like a triumphant step to the future for the songwriter, teaming up with Simon Paparo from Four Doors Studios to guarantee its ever-lasting greatness. Thoughtful and introspective yet warm and inviting, the smooth, cohesive, feel-good atmosphere, gentle wash of acoustic guitar and eloquent tambourines throughout that makes you feel as if you’re simply gliding along with Shy’s melodic voice. It will have you feeling just a little bit lighter, and a little more at ease by the end.

Coconut Shy’s poetry is inspiring, his imagery is poignant and his performance is utterly breathtaking. The chorus, in particular, is fragile, yet bold, effervescent yet muted, the music swells with emotion and intimacy and it’s here that the melody becomes trapped in your head. It’s the perfect way to leave a budding audience satisfied, yet in desperate need of more.

Well come with me Friday
Raise for a toast
To the feeling of freedom
Down the South coast
You know with a reason
It will all begin
The widest grace knocking at your door
The Finest Day may come after all.

Though releasing music professionally has only happened in recent years, the promising Tasmanian-born solo musician has spent the last ten years carefully crafting his sound, surfing the local open mic scene, and playing gig after gig at pub after pub, to bring him to this moment, well and truly stepping into the light with ‘The Finest Day’.

If this latest release confirms anything, it is that Coconut Shy is a true artist who should not, and will not, be missed.

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