Coastal Vibes

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Coastal Vibes

How many of us will be escaping our home towns to bask in the glorious sunshine and oceans? I am! Well maybe only for a day trip or so. I am that small per cent of humans that didn’t take work off this year and is quite happy to work straight through with the odd public holiday thrown in the mix!
As I sit here listening to Bernard Fanning and eating a giant bowl of pasta, I’m reminiscing about the epic day trip we just took over the weekend. We ventured down to Anglesea and Point Roadknight, an area I’m not to familiar with but am growing to LOVE!!
Less than a 40 minute drive from Geelong, we headed to the new and improved beach kiosk down at Point Roadknight which funnily enough is named The Kiosk.
This place is beaming with good vibes, pink walls, overflowing coffee, fish and chips and is less than 20 metres to the beach. The perfect post swim place to grab a bite, or ice cream.
Currently The Kiosk is open over summer and is managed by the cool cats from 4kings Coffee located in Anglesea which happened to be our next pit stop!
The Kiosk hit the spot with Padre Coffee while we basked in the sunshine enjoying the lush vibes of Point Roadknight!
On our way back home we decided to check out 4kings Coffee where we had one of the most delicious brunches the coast has to offer (check the main pic!). The inside of 4 Kings is filled with local art from artists which you can purchase and it rotates every few months. They have Padre Coffee too and have an all day breakfast (screams hallelujah), the menu has options for all dietary needs.
If you are feeling like a little trip down the coast, I would highly recommend checking these guys out!
Written and photographed by Allira from She Takes Photos
Originally named Grub Guide