Coastal punks Atticus Chimps deliver fuzzy, space-infused rock anthem ‘Liquid Percussion’

Coastal punks Atticus Chimps deliver fuzzy, space-infused rock anthem ‘Liquid Percussion’

Gold Coast's Atticus Chimps return to macabre territory with their new single and video 'Liquid Percussion'

The Gold Coast duo are back with another full-throttle effort that belies a band with only two members. The pair recorded ‘Liquid Percussion’ with with only a bass guitar, synthesizer and drum kit.

No electric guitar was used in the recording of this song, a habit that they hope to maintain in the future. Yet the band still manage to replicate the energy of their inspirations, from Nirvana and Blink-182 to Muse and Royal Blood.

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Atticus Chimps – consisting of members Sam Bray (songwriter, guitar/bass & vocals) and Daniel Briffa (drums) perform heavy rock anthems that aim to convey a message of heartbreak, self-actualisation, dissatisfaction with authority and alienation from society.

So far, they’ve supported established acts such as Ash, Butterfingers, The Chats, The Dead Love, Baltimore Gun Club, Horace Bones, Miniskirt, Birdhouse and Dollar Bill Murrays

“‘Liquid Percussion’ is a song about about losing someone you love, whether it be through death or the breakdown of a relationship,” the pair say. “It explores the idea that pain can be a catalyst for growth and character development.

“After [frontman] Sam spent years deliberating over which direction to take this song in, and changing the lyrics more times than guitar strings, what started as an acoustic ballad has now transformed into a fuzzy, space infused rock anthem.”

Atticus Chimps are now set to announce a run of shows in south-east Queensland following the release of ‘Liquid Percussion’.

They have upcoming gigs at Brisbane’s King Lear’s Throne on November 14, Gold Coast’s Miami Marketta on November 17, and Sunshine Coast’s Solbar on November 28. This is the duo’s third single, with an upcoming EP planned for 2022.

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