Clowns are a punk band not bound by genre

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Clowns are a punk band not bound by genre

In terms of punk music, it seems that so many bands try to carve their niche through labelling themselves with obscure genres.
‘Oh yeah man, we are currently doing the garage-punk vibe, but the next album will be full on surf-punk’ is a sentence I have heard far too many times.
That’s not the case for Clowns, because truthfully Clowns are doing the most punk thing possible by literally releasing whatever music they want whilst maintaining the same high quality of each record and truthfully, it’s fucking rad.
If you don’t believe me, name one band that would fit comfortably on the line-up for UNIFY, Boogie and Download… trick question, there is only one answer and that answer is Clowns.
“When we started this band, we didn’t want to create precedents with our sounds,” responds Stevie Williams, the groups lead vocalist.
“We didn’t want to fit a genre at all and I think punk in general can be a very polarising genre. So if you listen to the title track of Lucid Again, it’s definitely a far stretch from punk and I’m sure if someone had only heard that song they may struggle to dig our other songs.”
With new music in the works and a back catalogue of ever evolving sounds and genres, it seems Clowns are planning on continuing to push the boundaries of music genres.
“In terms of the newer stuff we have been writing, I guess we are trying to keep it fresh and interesting and trying to keep the people who like us shocked by what we do. We just don’t want it to get boring.
“One of my favourite quotes is from a David Bowie interview from fucking who knows when and someone asked him a similar question and he said, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do next but it’s going to be interesting,’ and I think that’s such an inspiration precedent to continue as an artist.
“I think the newer stuff we have been writing definitely has elements of punk meets psychedelia, although we aren’t harping on about it like we did with Lucid Again,” Williams continues. “We are also bringing back some of the faster harder elements to our sound. I’m really excited to record the record and put it out next year.”
With the new album scheduled for release next year, fans have been kept busy with the release of two new singles, including ‘Freezing In The Sun’ that the band will be touring across Australia this October and Williams couldn’t be more eager.
“I’m feeling really good about it. The music we are releasing at the moment, in my opinion is my favourite stuff that we have written and I’m really excited to hit the road, play some new songs and make a whole bunch of new pals. We try to spread the set list across all of our music and that’s exactly what we will be doing for this tour. It should be an awesome time!”
When & Where: The Corner, Melbourne – October 6 & UNIFY Gathering, South Gippsland – January 11 – 13.
Written by Alex Callan