Clint Wilson is warm and country-tinged as ever on his new album, ‘Another Death in the Family’

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Clint Wilson is warm and country-tinged as ever on his new album, ‘Another Death in the Family’

Words by Talia Rinaldo

The singer-songwriter has breathed new life into the incredibly competitive Australian country scene.

Earning himself a solid reputation for his authentic songwriting and meaningful storytelling over the past few years, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Clint Wilson is emerging from lockdown triumphant, with the release of his sophomore album Another Death in the Family.

With ten melancholic, emotional tracks, the record is quintessential Clint Wilson: distinctly conversational stories that hold the same sense of intimacy as the greats, all set against a backdrop of alternative country. An evocative and charming record at its heart, Wilson is warm and country-tinged as ever, enriching his listeners through sentimental storytelling.

From a tribute to all those Australians affected by the ongoing drought with ‘Couldn’t Promise You Rain #4′, to a poetic reflection of the past in ‘Family Tree’, Another Death in the Family is an incredibly layered record that highlights Wilson’s strong ability to communicate narratives through his songwriting.

“The stories mostly come from my own experiences,” Wilson explains. “’High School Sweethearts’ is about some friends of mine that had a car accident, while a few other songs on the album are stories that I have heard other people talking about, and then some are a mixture of both.

“’Rest In Peace’, the second last track on the album, was written up near Tamworth in a little town called Nundle. My friend and I were on the main street and it’s a tiny town, but it was really busy. My friend said there’s a funeral of one of the long-time local’s, who made it to 99 years old and everyone’s turned up to say goodbye, and that spurred the idea for that song.”

Drawing influence from the likes of The Church, The Whitlams and Paul Kelly, Wilson delivers a heartfelt and beguiling experience with Another Death in the Family, exhibiting the same strong, authentic storytelling ability that saw Wilson’s previous album, ‘Dark Water’, rise to #2 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart. Breathing new life into the incredibly competitive Australian country scene, it’s heartfelt Aussie music at its core which Wilson credits to his assemblage of co-writers.

“Almost every song on the album was co-written with friends. I wrote a few with Gretta [Ziller], and a few with Kevin Bennett [and The Flood]. They’re all co-writes with people that are a bit special to me; there’s a real family vibe through the entirety of the album.

“I definitely prefer writing with people, I think it’s always better for me. I’m bouncing ideas off other people and I think I come up with a better song – and a better story – like that.”

While the majority of the songs were recorded at EOR Studio with Damian Cafarella and Lachlan Bryan, the coronavirus pandemic lockdown meant Wilson was required to finish laying down the recording in his home studio. Recording the indie-folk opening track ‘Sons and Daughters’, and the aforementioned ‘Couldn’t Promise You Rain #4’, the acclaimed singer-songwriter was able to find joy in the throes of isolation.

“I had my usual band playing with me but I sent the songs off to a few friends that I wanted to play on the album. I didn’t really give any other instructions and they just nailed it,” Wilson laughs.

“It was so good to see what they came back with; it was always going to be good. But just having friends contribute, and the whole idea of making music like that that something really cool and if it wasn’t for lockdown, I wouldn’t have done it that way.”

Powered by immaculate arrangements of guitar, bass, banjo, piano, and harmonica, alongside deep vocals and lush harmonies, Another Death in the Family is a stunning return for Wilson. Armed with his masterful storytelling ability, meticulous musicianship and sense for fruitful collaborations, this record is a magnificent collection of poignant reflections on connection, time and relationships arriving just in time to remind us of the things that matter most.

Clint Wilson’s sophomore album Another Death in the Family is out now. Visit his website for more information.