Client Liaison to Play Geelong

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Client Liaison to Play Geelong

They’ve got some new tunes. They’ve got new staging. And best of all, they’ve got a fresh new wardrobe. All this makes the future of Client Liaison very bright indeed. So where do they see themselves in five years?

Eh, they’re living in the now. Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan are the gentlemen behind this late ’80s, early ’90s-inspired synth pop duo. They refer to it as “faux-fi”, in case you like things nice and catchy. They have already released a self-titled debut and if profits remain at a high, they’ll be unleashing their debut full-length album before the end of the year.

What this means for you and your company is a very special presentation at the Workers Club, Geelong on June 3, tickets are sold out so try and get them however you can.