Client Liaison are bringing their ‘Club Liaison’ tour to Torquay this summer

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Client Liaison are bringing their ‘Club Liaison’ tour to Torquay this summer

Words by Staff Writer

Australia’s electronic indie-pop band have announced their first ever DJ tour.

One of Australia’s most powerful live electro outfits, indie-pop duo Client Liaison, will be bringing their flavour to turntables across the country with their ‘Club Liaison’ tour in 2024 for their first ever DJ tour..

Kicking off at the Torquay Hotel in January, the tour will see the duo travel to a bunch of stages across New South Wales and Queensland until February with more dates to be announced soon.

“Dearest friends, Harvey and Monte here,” the duo shared.

“We have good news to share! We’re hitting the road this summer for our first ever DJ tour. Welcome to ‘Club Liaison’ where disco, lobsters and dancing unite.We want to capture the luxury and opulence of summer 2024 by bringing the party to Australia’s best local venues.”

You’ll be able to catch them at Torquay Hotel on Thursday, 4 January 2024.

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Client Liaison has gained a reputation for their energetic live performances, often accompanied by elaborate stage setups and stylish visuals that enhance the overall experience. Their lyrics often delve into themes of luxury, fashion, and the cultural zeitgeist, creating a distinct and immersive atmosphere for their audience.

With a flair for blending modern music sensibilities with a nostalgic nod to the past, Client Liaison has carved out a unique space in the Australian music scene. They’ve released well-received singles and albums, showcasing their ability to create infectious, feel-good tunes with a distinctively Australian twist.

Tickets can be purchased here