CJ Comerford & The Supertones

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CJ Comerford & The Supertones

The Mornington Peninsula’s CJ Commerford & The Supertones’ have the power to ease your mind, sweeping you back to the golden era of the 70s soul.

A celebration of all moments analogue, beautifully human in one’s life, CJ channels this into a soulful blues-rock sound written from his deep love and grounding connection to vintage music.

It’s this wholesome vibration that makes every performance feel as tactile as the last, allowing listeners to step into a world of sepia tones.

‘The Supertones’ are the five-piece backbone to CJ’s vintage sound, allowing for those vintage moments to be fully realised onstage and in the studio.

It’s that ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ combination of members. Guitarist Lennie

Farchione, bassist Aidan Efron, drummer Alex Keser, trumpet player Dave Flynn and

keys/saxophonist Sebastian Farchione together with CJ create a sonic wash ‘that feels simultaneously grounded and explorative’ (Happy Mag, 2020).

From their roots in seaside tales to the ever-present modern-vintage flavour, their latest single ‘Sugar’ heightens this spirit with hooky riffs, sultry melodies and undeniable positive energy to liquefy your troubles.