City And Colour’s Pill For Loneliness

City And Colour’s Pill For Loneliness

There’s no doubt that for international artists, Australia is a trek away. Sometimes musicians that visit us come once and never come back – but the same can’t be said about City and Colour, who’s been to Australia almost more than he’s been anywhere else.

“I ask people, have you ever had a lazy day? They say yes, and I say, imagine that, but you’re flying to the other side of the world and then you’re there!”

With a warm attitude like that, it’s no wonder that fans adore Dallas Green, the man behind City and Colour. In two weeks, we will be welcoming Dallas to Brisbane – however, that isn’t the only exciting announcement he has to offer: Dallas will be releasing his sixth studio album, ‘A Pill For Loneliness’, on October 4th!

Highly anticipated and produced by three-time Grammy-winning Jacquire King alongside the talented Emily Lazar, this album will explore the extremes of emotion, with a focus on eloquence and energy.

“When I write a song, I hope that somebody else can relate to it,” says Green, which is precisely where his album inspiration stemmed from.

Although we have many ways to connect with each other, particularly through social media, Green considers this to be the loneliest time in civilisation. His solution? Music. “Whenever I hear a song, it makes me feel so connected to the person.” Although scientists have not yet created a pill for loneliness, he hopes that this album will function in its place.

Within his previous five albums, Green has explored emotions in all of their intensities. With this new album, this will continue: Green will look at serenity and stress over eleven entrancing tracks, in a way that will transform stress to serenity.

Alongside the engaging songs, fans also have beautiful artwork to look forward to. “I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with people who understand what I’m trying to say. It’s a vulnerable position to sing about your feelings, and I’ve never been super clear on the visual side of things.” Luckily, Nik Stein understands the record: he listens to it and tells Green what he sees, and from there the art is created.

Whether that be through an appreciation for the vibrant and colourful art or the deeply emotional tracks, fans have a lot to look forward to on October 4th and on the upcoming tours.

Green’s final words? “I hope that people can take what they need from it.”

We’re sure they will.

Release: A Pill For Loneliness due out on October 4

Written by Daniela Koulikov
Photo by Renee Rodenkirchen