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Despite being relatively new on the music scene – they formed in 2013 – Circa Waves certainly know how to make an entrance. Their debut album has just been released, and boy is it a doozy.
The Liverpudlian quartet are at their best when they’re churning out light, upbeat indie rock tunes, and Young Chasers certainly delivers. It’s 13 tracks of toe-tapping indie fun, much like the sort of stuff that Arctic Monkeys were putting out in their early days, albeit enhanced by modern studio recording and techniques. It’s certainly a little less rough around the edges than their previous debut album, and as a result is much more enjoyable.
Circa Waves specialise in thudding bass lines and fast-paced drumming, and when paired with a bright, melodic guitar sound and Kieran Shudall’s laid back vocals, you’re presented with an album that’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. The second track, ‘T-Shirt Weather’, quickly builds into the perfect summer roadtrip anthem, and while that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d write for a review, it’s completely true. It’s hard to describe Circa Waves’ songs without falling back on the same adjectives, but the album as a whole is energetic, easy to listen to and comes across as really grounded. All in all, Circa Waves have done a great job; Young Chasers is a really solid indie affair; jangly guitars, a solid rhythm section and some seriously good tunes abound.
Out now via Dew Process
Written by Alastair McGibbon