Christian Andrew: Now & Then

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Christian Andrew: Now & Then

If Newton Faulkner had a lovechild with Matt Corby it would sound a little like Christian Andrew, who has just released his new EP entitled Now & Then. You might be a little misled by that comparision, however, Andrew serves up folk music that is both swooning and heart-warming all at the same time. Opening with the track ‘Why I Run’ you’re immediately greeted with an acoustic guitar fingerpicking sound that builds into the chorus with a full band including drums. It’s a cool opentuned sound and is a little reminiscent of early John Butler. That is probably maybe a little bit of a turn off for some people, given they may have heard it before, however it is a pleasant opening to the EP.
I have to level with you, I think that ‘November Rain’ is quite possibly my favourite track of this disc. Although it isn’t a folk acoustic rendition of the Gunners classic, this is indeed Australian folk songwriting that is sure to keep you hooked long after the disc has finished. It sounds like Damien Rice in places and I’m sure that is going to be up someone’s alley. It is only weeks till Christmas, perfect stocking filler!?
Reviewed by Tex Miller