Chris Cavill & the Prospectors: All That You Got

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Chris Cavill & the Prospectors: All That You Got

Chris Cavill’s 2015 album ‘Know Your Destiny’ was a fine collection of alt-folk roots with a side-order of rock. With a new band line-up for EP ‘All That You Got’, the balance tips well over to the electrified side. And like a run of new local releases, there’s a surprising echo from the ’70s anchoring the punchy rhythms and riffs.

Rock and roots influences aren’t mutually exclusive so it’s a worthy direction to explore. Opener ‘Something For Nothing’ is a bluesy, black T-shirt, fists-in-the-air kind of foreigner affair. Cavill’s vocals on the title track carry the soulful cool of Michael Hutchence, while easy-roller ‘Learning’ brings out the grittier John Fogarty in him. Ben Harper cover ‘The Woman In You’ runs the gamut from whispering dreamscape to desperate ‘n dirty shredding guitar and testifying vocals.

Original ‘Undone’ nicely segues into a portion of Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’. In sync with Cavill’s mission, drummer Dave Cafarella is joined by new Prospector Peter King (bass, vocals) with producer Damian Cafarella adding lead guitar. Versatility and daring have revealed new possibilities. Loved Cavill the alt-folky, now lovin’ the worldly wise guitar-slinger. With any luck, both take the stage at upcoming shows.

Reviewed by Chris Lambie