Chitra is one of a kind

Chitra is one of a kind

Drawing on elements of rock’n’roll, contemporary indie-rock, classic singer-songwriter, and a hint of blues and country twang, twenty-two-year-old local musician Chitra is taking the music industry by storm, making a distinct step forward in her musical trajectory with her latest and second single ‘A Kind’. We sit down with Chitra.

First up congrats on your second single, ‘A Kind’. Is there a bit of a story about this one?
Thank you! Yes, yes. There’s always a story isn’t there! ‘A Kind’ is more or less about finding strength in vulnerability after feeling like that vulnerability got taken for granted a little bit.
I wrote it with my incredibly talented friend Merpire and I’m sure it might mean something a bit different to her and other listeners.

Is ‘A Kind’ a taste of what other music is to come? Are you working on an EP or album?
Yes, it is! I’ve been working away this past year writing a bunch and recording which I’m very excited about sharing.

Can you give us a little idea of how you got into music?
I mostly wanted to do music because my sister, Tiara, was doing it and it inspired me. And then when I got to High School, the VET class at Bellarine Secondary just felt like the most natural thing to do and felt like a safe place with really encouraging teachers/mentors. After that I just felt like it was the right thing to be doing.

Your music provides a rich platform for storytelling. Do you stick to a certain formula when writing music?
I try not to stick to the same formula, but I am known to be a creature of habit! I have a lot of creative people around me that always have suggestions to mix it up. But sometimes it’s enough to be in a comfortable space playing around on guitar and writing whatever I’m thinking and then editing that.

You’re heading to Port Fairy next year alongside the likes of C.W. Stoneking, Dan Sultan, Patty Griffin, William Crighton + heaps more. Have you ever been to the festival before? What are you most looking forward to?
I’ve never been before and I’ve always wanted to, so I’m so thrilled to be able to play! I think it’ll just be a really nice atmosphere to be in and additionally having my band with me, it’s going to be pretty special.

Any acts your looking forward to checking out?
C.W Stoneking is someone I very much admire and cannot wait to see.

We loved your performance at Torquay’s Drop Festival. What do you love about performing live on stage?
Thank you, that was such a good day. Well, it’s always weirdly cathartic to be able to be completely transparent about emotion to a bunch of people.

Any other plans for 2019/2020?
At the moment the band and I have the single launch coming up on the 29th of November at the Gasometer that we’ll be rehearsing for! Then the big release next year!

When & Where: Gasometer Upstairs, Melbourne – November 29 & Port Fairy Music Festival, Port Fairy – March 6-9.