Cherry Rock Rounds Up Line Up

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Cherry Rock Rounds Up Line Up

For many, Cherry Rock is one of the highlights of the year, if it isn’t yours, chances are with the final four additions to the line up it will be. The final four to be gracing the Cherry Bar stage is The Shrines from Los Angeles, Warped from Geelong, Clowns and The Ugly Kings.
Though the line up is best appreciated in full, appreciate it here in all its glory:
Red Fang, The Shrine, Beastwars, HITS, Child, Warped, Clowns, My Left Boot, F*ck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Horsehunter, Dr. Colossus, Los Hombres Del Diablo and The Ugly Kings. With MC James Young and DJ Mermaid.
What was that about not having tickets? Get them from the website, best yet there’s two stages and no clashes, basically a rock lovers wet dream.