Chef’Special release confetti-coloured album Unfold

Chef’Special release confetti-coloured album Unfold

As the successor to the Netherlands platinum achieving Amigo which garnered 62 million streams worldwide, Unfold will fluently feed into Chef’Special’s party-driven live sets and songbook spread.

If you love Grouplove then Chef’Special is for you – especially get onto ‘Someone Else’s Love’!

Chef’Special serves up infectious hooks, elevating playful pop lines and bubble blowing, heart-filling goodness with their self-acceptance and self-love lyrics. Unfold is the pure positive vibes we need in 2020 with anthemic tracks that also explore looking ahead and building connections with others.

Even their song titles are colourful and optimistic; leaning in with ‘Blue Fairy Magic’, and working through bop ‘I’m A Wave’, ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Jungle’. Single, ‘Trouble’ is an infectious hit that is already ringing through the airwaves, but ‘Maybe This Is Love’ is set to be a sweet jam to spread on your morning toast with its catchy chorus and swirling beats!

The ten-track album ends with a final sombre letter penned ‘To All The People That I Know’; a final acknowledgment of the importance of connections and the role they play in being a reminder of the long and treacherous journey of self-acceptance. The raw, aching line, “Can’t you see I’m trying / Can’t you see with every step I take I’m throwing shade on all the people that I love / I’ve come to hate myself” is gut-wrenchingly beautiful, but the track somewhat feels misplaced on this confetti coloured album.

3 Stars
Caroline Australia
Reviewed By Tammy Walters