Cheeky cocktails and canvases, it doesn’t get any better than this

Cheeky cocktails and canvases, it doesn’t get any better than this

Words by Riya Kiran

Why not bring out your inner artist with a drink or two at Geelong's Pimms & Painting

No matter when the last time you decided to paint was, the rise of ‘paint and sip’ workshops are sure to get you in your creative spirits.

These painting classes combined with food and alcoholic beverages provide you with an avenue to get creative and Geelong’s Pimms & Painting hosted by Abby Sleep is the perfect place to kick back with a drink and enjoy a night with your friends!

Raised in the small country town of Warracknabeal, Abby Sleep’s love affair with painting was initially born from school holiday boredom. As she grew older, art became her main form of creative expression and meditation.

“As a child I always loved art class and trying out new creative materials.

“I enjoyed how relaxing and calm I felt when creating new artworks.”

After moving to Geelong in 2017 to study psychology at Deakin University, Abby was inspired by the many artists in the region and began selling her own artwork.

“I never viewed art as a career until I moved to Geelong and got inspired by the many artists here.”

Now at age 22, Abby started her freelance business Pimms & Paintings, one of the regions most popular paint and sip workshops.

“Trying something new and being creative can be daunting. I love helping people explore and enjoy a method of self-care in the form of painting.

“Our lives and schedules have become increasingly full, it’s amazing to see people reconnect with their creative sides.

“I have so much fun during the classes, it doesn’t even feel like real ‘work’.”

The casual workshops allow for everyone to socialise and relax and they enjoy a night of being arty. Pimms & Paintings classes welcomes all creative levels, no matter if you’re a shy beginner or an experienced artist. With each two-hour class, you will be guided through an example artwork using acrylic paint as the medium, and there will be a free Pimms cocktail on the house as an added incentive!

“The classes welcome everyone, including beginners who don’t paint often and those who haven’t painted since kindergarten!”

Abby has always had an interest in creating abstract work, as many of her own piece’s experiment with bright colours and incorporate Australian flora themes. Alongside the bold statement canvases, a popular collection is her paintings of native floral banksia, protea and bottle brush.

Artworks painted at the Pimms & Painting workshops commonly follow the theme of Australian florals, similar to the style that Abby paints personally.

“I find that this theme is popular for most people that attend and is a great starting point for beginners.

“The artworks are minimal and allow participants to experiment with any colour preference.”

To keep up to date with the events at Pimms & Painting, plus give-aways and tips give their Instagram a follow @pimms.and.painting.geelong.

Pimms & Painting hold regular classes, not only Paint & Sips but also classes Pot Painting and Private Hires for your own events! 

All of these events can be found and booked from the ‘events‘ page on their website.