Cheeky, classy, and magical – Magic Mike Live is finally here in Victoria

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Cheeky, classy, and magical – Magic Mike Live is finally here in Victoria

Photo by Peter Brew-Bevan
Words by Chloe Waddell

Magic has hit Melbourne, and we've giving away FIVE double passes to the show.

An experience for girls, gays, and open-minded straight men is how Magic Mike Live was described mid-show, and it truly did have something on offer for everyone.

Set in the central riverside location of Birrarung Marr, in Melbourne, Magic Mike Live boasts some of the most talented and striking performers around.  Although it may not intuitively seem so from the outside, this world-famous show offers a deeper experience that nourishes self-love, respects permission and consent, and provides a holistic display of talent. These men are dancers, singers, instrumentalists and all-round entertainers, all wrapped up in divinely crafted bodies. 

The experience begins from the moment you arrive at The Arcadia. This Spiegeltent is the world’s largest, and was especially made for the Australian tour of Magic Mike Live. Encompassing a bar and lounge, and a 360-degree performance space, the double-storey construction will soon have you forgetting about the outside world.  

There is a range of Magic Mike Live merch on offer as well as show-inspired cocktails, such as ‘Mike’s Magic Mojito’, which all seemed reasonably priced for a good night out. The souvenir program totes a message from Channing Tatum, who in case you didn’t know is the gifted dancer-actor who conceptualised the show, following the success of his similarly titled films. His spiel mentions that “we imagined a world where all women were empowered to ask for more… more from men, from sex, from entertainment… from everything”, and as a spectator, I truly feel that this was successfully achieved over the course of the evening.  

The idea of women being able to claim, explore, and enjoy their sexuality and desires was a powerful message, and one which felt consistent throughout the show. Tatum and the creative crew have pulled together a production that is reflective of what women want, that honours female sexuality, and leaves you feeling surprisingly empowered. We were rid of the tacky costumes and novelty props, and instead offered a sensual and playful selection of men and talent that made you feel as though you were being treated and understood. 

Further, it felt as though the production cast and crew genuinely wanted each person who entered the doors of The Arcadia to have an empowering experience, which was shown not only through the content of the show, but in the way the men interacted with the audience (yes, there was audience participation), and in the positive affirmations, both spoken and in print. The back of the program illustrates this perfectly, with the single line “You Are Enough”. 

Throughout the show, I couldn’t help myself from reflecting on how this really is a full-scale production, which features a broad spectrum of entertainment to suit all tastes. It includes a great selection of music, which varies between fast-paced jams and slower, more sensual sounds, as the story progressed (yes, there is a plotline). We were serenaded by the men, who showcased their singing and musical abilities, and who did so quite well. The boys’ stripped back (pardon the pun), acoustic version of Pony was definitely a musical highlight, along with the drum solo which descended from the ceiling. 

Meet Melbourne’s very own ‘Channing’.

For me, the choreography was a sure standout. Far from a repetitive slew of seen-before, overtly sexual movements, the choreography was fluid, energetic, sensual, and engaging. Although there are no full-frontal scenes, there is a tasteful level of undressing and tease weaved within the dance numbers, and that seemed to appeal to many people in the audience. There was grinding, tap dancing, Latin dancing, b-boying, and even aerial routines throughout the 90-minute show, with little time between numbers for the poor men to catch their breath. 

One of my favourite scenes was entitled ‘Wet Dream’, where it rained indoors, and we got to watch two incredible dancers (one male, one female) perform stunningly sensual choreography in a pool of water, which was all a bit of cheeky fun. The aerial numbers were unique and well-executed, and according to the ooh’s and ahh’s in the audience, they seemed to be a welcome addition to the show. 

The MC for the evening was Alexia Brinsley, who brought a touch of comedy and real woman-ness to the show. The creative team also includes a number of artistically-minded women, who helped to make this a show created by women, for women. Although Channing Tatum is not physically in the show, his voice does have a brief cameo, and after all, the show is his brainchild, so he is certainly there in spirit. 

Covid altered the show slightly to what our international counterparts have previously experienced, in that the cast and audience were not able to have as much contact, masks are to be worn, and the numbers allowed to be in attendance were lower than before. However, a smaller crowd size means a better performer to spectator ratio, so there were certainly no complaints from me. 

Magic Mike Live is a cheeky yet classy production that will leave you feeling empowered, entertained, and everything in between. It is currently showing in Melbourne, which is it’s only Victorian stop, so book online here to experience the magic for yourself.

Sounds like something you’d like to check out?? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve teamed up with Magic Mike Live to give away five double passes to the 7pm show on Tuesday, July 13.

To enter, simply fill out the form below and prepare for the night of your life. Tickets will be available for collection at the Box Office on the night.

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