Charm of Finches offer a daring gothic-folk songwriting masterclass with album Marlinchen In The Snow

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Charm of Finches offer a daring gothic-folk songwriting masterclass with album Marlinchen In The Snow

Image Credit: Jeff Andersen Jnr
Words by Alex Callan

The Windred-Wornes wow in their musical project Charm of Finches and with their latest album Marlinchen In The Snow.

Navigating cinematic landscapes, atmospheric vocals and gothic-laden blood harmonies, Marlinchen in the Snow, sees Melbourne-based sisters Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes (Charm of Finches) traipsing between gothic folk, tepid indie-pop and disconsolate lyricism to deliver a masterclass of dejected folk. 

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With each track, Charm of Finches invite us into their world, allowing us to find solace in the beauty of their shared vulnerability. The pillow-murmured ‘If You Know Me’, embraces the sisters natural penchant for pessimism, acknowledging “I know I can be a downer, a pessimistic killjoy frowner” with refreshing candour, ‘Middle Of Your Mess’ delicately discusses the wobbly knees desire and ache of rejection from watching a newfound love choose another partner over you.

‘Atlantis’ maintains a refined and wistful approach through its delicate, yet temperamental overlays of vocals dramatically droning alongside string arrangements; ‘On My Own’ melds Roland S Howard-esque darkwave drum machines and dual vocal harmonies so entwined they sound hauntingly singular, while the marvellously unhinged ‘Human’ balances reverb-laden guitars and sombre vocal arrangements amid themes of alienation.

Yet, while the album traverses themes of isolation, dysmorphia and the fragility of relationships one encounters while living a transient life on the road, it’s never a heavy listen, with the observational wit of the sisters’ songwriting shines through to give each song a self-deprecating sense of relatability that you can’t help but love. 

Marlinchen Of The Snow is out now via Spunk! Records/ Virgin Music Group. Keep up to date with Charm of Finches here.