Charlie McCosh’s ‘Anemones’ is a vulnerable odyssey through love and pain

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Charlie McCosh’s ‘Anemones’ is a vulnerable odyssey through love and pain

Words by Staff Writer

'Anemones' is a poetic and intricate ballad that invites you to explore the depths of human emotion.

In the thriving Melbourne music scene, one name that’s been generating quite a buzz is that of Charlie McCosh. With a genuine connection to her audience and a penchant for leaving a lasting impact, she’s an artist who’s poised to captivate hearts and minds with her unique sound and unyielding passion.

Hailing from Shepparton and now based in Naarm, Charlie McCosh, along with her enchanting band, has been crafting her most profound and vulnerable songs to date, each one bearing a piece of her soul.

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If you’re a fan of artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin, Adrianne Lenker, or Bon Iver, you’re in for a treat as McCosh releases her latest single ‘Anemones’. McCosh’s music carries echoes of these indie-folk and singer-songwriter luminaries, yet she brings her own distinctive flavour to the table.

Released on November 3, 2023, ‘Anemones’ is a poetic and intricate ballad. The song delves deep into the experience of witnessing a loved one in profound pain. The title, “Anemones,” is a nod to Matthew Dickman’s collection of poems, “Mayakovsky’s Revolver,” and it explores themes of innocence, youth, and the harsh realities of growing up. McCosh’s evocative storytelling weaves a web of delicate, gloomy melodies that will undoubtedly leave an indelible imprint on your soul.

“I have decided to take these words and spin them to my own experience,” McCosh says of the single and its connection to the poems. “It is a love letter to my my family, more so to my sisters. The three of us are very different people. I don’t know how to put into words of the closeness and warmth, to the distance and coldness that we go through together as we have grown up. However, even through the distance (emotional and physical) there is always an underlying flame bringing us together, through everything.

“Without saying a word, we are holding the net under each other every day. It is an unspoken bond that we will have forever, and because we aren’t very good at expressing this face to face, I’d like to dedicate this release to them. I hope this is special to them, and that I have made something that we can keep close to us.”


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With lyrics like “Space dust floating, the event horizon, bodies are falling,” she transports the listener beyond reality into a realm of melancholic beauty across the three and a half minute track. Alex Garla’s ethereal production complements the sci-fi motifs within the lyrics, creating an atmospheric quality that’s hard to resist. McCosh’s husky yet sincere vocals are matched to the stark beauty of a gentle, plucking guitar by Nick Vargas, a melodic-sounding piano played by Alex Garla, and washed-out, distant-sounding synths courtesy of Oly Bugg. Together, they create a raw indie-folk and dark pop soundscape that’s both haunting and beautiful.

McCosh’s journey through the music industry has been a captivating one. She made a splash with her debut single, ‘Time’, a collaboration with FOREST., which struck a chord with audiences. Her two sold-out shows at the renowned Workers Club only served to solidify her place in the local music scene. In 2022, she left a lasting impression on festival-goers with her captivating performances at Meadow, Land of Plenty, and Secret Garden Gathering.

As she continued to focus on her solo project, McCosh capped off 2022 unveiled her soul-stirring anthem, ‘When I Look in the Mirror’, a poignant exploration of self-worth. The track tugged at the heartstrings of listeners nationwide, inviting them to embark on an introspective journey alongside her. Her next single, ‘Boy’, released in March this year, revealed a new dimension of her artistry, seamlessly weaving together her indie-folk roots with electronic elements.

With ‘Anemones’, McCosh is embarking on a thrilling new chapter, infused with boundless energy and eager to unveil a fresh side of her musical prowess. The honest and heartfelt lyrics, the delicate melodies, and the sheer emotional depth of her music are a testament to her dedication and craft as a musician.

In a music industry that’s always on the lookout for fresh voices and innovative sounds, McCosh’s delicate and emotive ballad, “Anemones,” is a standout example of the kind of talent that deserves to be heard. As the song takes you on a journey through the poignant landscapes of love, pain, and growth, you’ll find solace in the heartfelt vulnerability that Charlie McCosh has poured into every note.

Charlie McCosh is an artist you won’t want to miss, and this single is proof of that.

Listen to ‘Anemones’ here