Charlie Bucket

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Charlie Bucket

Most of us grew up knowing Charlie Bucket as the quiet lad who discovered the fifth golden ticket in the children’s classic Willy Wonka. We introduce you to four grown men that discover the riches that can only be found in a great set of classic rock. This four-piece unit combines their musical experience to create their own golden versions of songs from such artists as BB King, Dave Mason, The Allman Brothers, The Stones, The BoDeans and many more. We chat to Dan on all things Charlie Bucket.
Hey thanks for chatting to Forte. To start off can you tell us a bit about the band and how you came together?
Charlie Bucket came about as a result of four guys just wanting to jam together. Crofty (Aaron Croft) from $2 Peeps and myself were in bands together back in the 90’s and thought it would be fun to get something happening again for shits and giggles (or nostalgia).We thought Geelong doesn’t need another acoustic duo doing Foo Fighters songs at weddings, so we decided a drummer and a bass player would be a good start. We roped in John Downey (ex Audemia) and Pete Langley from $2 Peeps with the promise of an endless supply of chocolate from the Wonka factory.
Describe your sound.
We have been described as garage rock, but we all know Charlie Bucket became a chocolatier not a motor mechanic. We are not trying to invent the wheel, we just enjoy cranking the Marshall’s up and belting out some original guitar driven rock.
You’ve got an upcoming gig next month alongside 74kings and Kerr’s Cur at The Workers Club Geelong. What can punters expect from this show?
Three local indie bands that love to get up there and smash out some original tunes. Each band has a distinctive sound, so from a punters point of view there’s something for everyone. We’ve played with both 74 Kings and Kerr’s Cur before, they are both terrific bands.
Who or what are some of your influences on your music?
Apart from Willy Wonka’s flute playing and Oompa Loompa music, pretty much anything guitar driven.
If you could share the stage with one other band, who would that be?
Can I be greedy like Augustus Gloop and name 50? I’m not sure about the other guys so I’ll be selfish and say Iron Maiden would be up there. Just finished watching their documentary on YouTube, they are brilliant musicians and seem humble about their success. Plus Bruce flies a jet around for their shows.
Thanks for taking the time to chat today, anything else you’d like to add?
Come down to the Workers on February 3rd and support local music.
It’s going to be a hell of a shin dig, so head on down early for a feed and cold beers! Doors at 8pm, $10 entry! Check them out on