Chaotic Dischord (UK) With Bastard Squad and GRYTT

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Chaotic Dischord (UK) With Bastard Squad and GRYTT

Chaotic Dischord are a punk rock band from Bristol in England that are steeped in rumour and legend – and some of them are even true.

Formed in 1982, their initial plan was to annoy the boss of Riot City records, who, it was thought, would put out any old rubbish as long as as it sounded a bit noisy. So they drunkenly cobbled together a one track demo called Glue Accident and sent it to him anonymously. Little did they know that one little piss take was going to lead to them becoming one of the best loved punk rock bands on the planet, with five big selling albums and a smattering of hit singles over the next six years. But in all that time they never actually played a live gig – although there’s plenty of old crusties around the globe who would swear otherwise.

Fast forward to 2019, and original members Ransid and Ampex were encouraged by Rebellion Festival in Blackpool to get the old band back together. Sadly their old mates Pox and Evo Stix were unable to take part in this rebirth, so they got local Bristol faces Mucus and Crusty Rusty in to play guitar and drums, and the legend suddenly re-exploded. Starting with a sell out show in their home town, an unhinged tour of the US, gigs in Madrid, Berlin, Vancouver and the Welsh Valleys, as well a their first new recorded material in 36 years, it’s been a lively start to their second life… and now they’re coming to Australia!