Channel Your Inner Rockabilly at the Rat’s, Tatt’s and Pinup’s Event

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Channel Your Inner Rockabilly at the Rat’s, Tatt’s and Pinup’s Event

Rockabilly fans are in for a treat with an evening of blues-infused old-school rock’n’roll music, attitude and fashion at the annual Rat’s, Tatt’s and Pinup’s Social Club night. We chat to organiser of the event Rob Bellio about the 50s inspired event and the rockabilly, hot rod scene in Geelong.

Hi Guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

Doin’ well and thank you for catching up with us. Currently we are working on Rat’s Tatt’s n’ Pinup’s Event Schedule for 2017 and the Marysville Rockabilly Weekend for April 2017.

Rats, Tatts and Pinups is so different from other events in Geelong, but you’ve also had many other locations for the event. How did the first one arise and how has it grown since then?
In our early days we were putting on Warehouse Parties in the back streets of industrial parks, inviting bands, kustom cars and bikes.
Attending one of these events was a pub manager employed by the ALH Group, and asked if we could put a presentation together for ALH Group’s event team for a sponsorship agreement – and the rest is now history…

How are you feeling about taking the event to Geelong, what’s the rockabilly, hot rod scene like here?
We are well out of our comfort zone to be honest, being more familiar with the Southern and Eastern regions, but, our rockabilly bands, kustom cars and bikes are too good too hide! We are certain Geelong has it’s fair share of enthusiasts of this genre and will come out to support and this will potentially become a yearly event in Geelong.

You’ve got a great lineup of rockabilly, blues and rock’n’roll bands like Rosie and the Mighty Kings, how did you come to choosing each band?
To be honest, we listen to what our crowds have to say! Some love rock rockabilly, others prefer hilly billy and then there’s rock’n’roll, and surf and blues. We try to have a least one band of each particular style – that’s why we always have multi band lineups.

And what do you love about those genres personally?

It’s all about hangin’ out together and havin’ a good time.

We often see tattoos, hot rods and rockabilly fashion together at events, what makes them a match made in heaven?
‘Badness’ and ‘koolness’

Wasn’t your event only advertised through word of mouth? What was the reasoning behind that and did it work for you given that you are a niche event?
As the saying goes “Sometimes, Less is More”. Word of mouth ensures those that truly appreciate the Kustom Kulture lifestyle attend. No point inviting the world if it’s going to attract trouble.

If you could get a tattoo of one pin up girl, who would it be?
Betty Paige

Lastly, what can attendees expect from the event?
Our events are a rockabilly family experience. Not only do we cater for the bands, cars, bikes and dancers, but we have full carnivals and special displays for the kids to enjoy and have everlasting memories for years to come.

Thanks again for talking with us, is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish up?
We are currently setting up an ‘old skool’ cafe/pinball/pool hall in Carrum Downs, Victoria – a place where we can always park the beast, take in great tunes and chill out with great friends. Thank you for wanting to chat with us and hope to see you at the next rockabilly party

When & Where: Gateway Hotel, Corio – August 20