Chain and the Gang: Best of Crime Rock

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Chain and the Gang: Best of Crime Rock

Chain and the Gang’s newest release Best of Crime Rock, is one of those albums that has the ability to transport you to another time. A time where the guitar lines were dirtier, singers had a maniacal rasp in their voice and there was an undeniable sex appeal in hearing those riffs slowly build through the song. It was hot music, and that’s exactly what this album is.

Devitalize starts things off strong, playing the vocals off as another instrumental element in the track. Keys come to the forefront in Certain Kinds of Trash, and it’s a chance for reprieve after such a strong opening. Lyrically, it’s quite matter of fact, but the way Ian Svenonious and Anna Nasty play off each other in a call and response style is very entertaining. Pay particular attention to I See Progress, Devitalize and Mum’s the Word.

At times the tunes may seem simplistic, the lyrics straight-up (“tell me what’s a dollar, a dollar is a 100 cents”), but it’s all put together so cleverly, and with so much vigour, that it stands as some of the best rock ‘n’ roll coming out in the industry. This is the kind of album that changes you. And I’m totally okay with that.

5 Stars
The Red Records
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot