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I was always into that kind of emo-punk music growing up. While most kids would be listening to Britney Spears, I’d have my headphones blaring Blink 182. It was in my blood, the kind of music I am – and have always been – drawn to. The first time I saw Ceres live I was in love instantly. They were opening for Violent Soho at The Barwon Club back in November circa ’14. Initially, I had no idea who they were at all. I remember turning to my friend and saying something along the lines of, ‘This band is pretty alright’. A few months later and they’ve quickly become one of my favourite artists of the moment.
I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to vocalist and guitarist Tom Lanyon about the origins of the band and their future plans together.
“I don’t think I ever decided that I was going to be this frontman figure,” Tom says.
“I don’t think I’ve ever consciously gone, ‘Sick, lets be a frontman Tom. You can do it’.” We both laugh at the thought and reminisce about the genesis of the band. Starting back in 2012, the band formed quite quickly and in a flurry of decisions, they became Ceres.
The band has been notably M.I.A. since the end of their supporting act with Violent Soho, bringing out only one single in that time titled ‘Ceres Is For Lovers’. The song was released as a free track for St. Valentines Day in February 2015, and is still available for free download on the band’s site.
“It was such a big risk for Soho to take us out on tour. We hadn’t done a whole lot of huge things, so not a lot of people would have known us – so we were so grateful for that,” Tom says.
“We’re not very good at being a band,” Tom laughs in response to a question about their lack of shows following the Violent Soho tour. But is quick to add, “We’re just kind of writing for the next record and it’s super fun.” Which I for one can not wait for.
Ceres return to performing comes with their highly anticipated Winter Tour, which runs for about a month, from June 27 to July 25.
“It’s going to be more of a party than a PR exercise,” he muses.
“We’ve got one new song that we can’t wait to play, so that’s come out of all of that M.I.A. time,” Tom jokes, poking fun.
“We’re tightening the screws on that to make sure that it’s the best that it can be, and you can probably bet that we’ll have a few of our older songs going as well.”
The exciting promise of a new record from the band also looms on the horizon.
“We’re half way through writing [the record] right now. The dream would be to record it at the end of the year, and then release it early next year, which sucks,” Tom says.
“I’m impatient with this stuff. We just want to make sure we get it right and not rush it, so that it can just be the best that it can be.
“The whole reason I love music is because it moves me in this weird way that I can’t explain and if I can be that for someone else then holy shit, that’s the best thing ever.”
When & Where: The Tote, Melbourne – June 27
Written by Jessica Alves