Ceres: Selfish Prick

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Ceres: Selfish Prick

Alternative-punk-rock Melbourne band, Ceres, released a surprise EP in mid-November, titled Selfish Prick, after the first track was released with the same name. The self professed ‘uncool’ bands sound has a very familiar quality to it, the kind of music that makes you feel nostalgic – regardless of whether you listen to them for the hundredth time, or the first.
‘Selfish Prick’, opens with a guitar riff, reminiscent to something you might hear on Blink182’s ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’. The vocals are messy and raw, but very upfront and relatable. It’s definitely a song to add to your breakup playlist.
‘Woodwork’ starts off with a reasonably predictable guitar riff, that is until the vocals kick in. The lead vocalist does very well at belting out the lyrics, letting his vocals flow naturally, just feeling the song for what it is. It’s a quality that’s difficult to find in a lot of artists, so a non-pretentious vocalist who is not only aware of his vocal imperfections, but embraces them, is something I can definitely appreciate.
When it came to ‘Collarbone’, I was pleasantly surprised by the banjo sounding riff and soft vocals I was greeted with. It was undoubtedly different to the first two songs, but I liked the City And Colour quality they brought to the table, proving that they’re not restricted to one select niche.
‘Will You Feel It When I Leave You’ was unquestionably the most surprising track. The glitchy vocals really add something to the EP that I’m not sure I can put into words. Yet again proving that Ceres is not limited to one strict style of music, all the while maintaining that same familiar sound.
Cere’s EP Selfish Prick is definitely one for the feels, very heartbreak heavy to say the least, and definitely one I can see being played on repeat.
By Jessica Alves