Ceres Get All V'd Up

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Ceres Get All V'd Up

We don’t know about you but we love a bit of emo-rock-honey, especially when it comes from Melbourne band Ceres and gives us an alternative to the usual gushy tracks around Valentine’s Day. That’s why ‘Ceres Is For Lovers’ is a great little track to listen to tomorrow whether you’re loved-up, alone or spending some time with a four-legged furry companion.
What makes it extra special, and we don’t want to get all lovey about it, but the track features guest vocals from drummer Frank Morda’s real life sweetheart Stacey Cicivelli. How sweet! 
But that’s enough from us, time to stock up on chocolate, ice-cream and anything with unhealthy amounts of sugar and watch the below clip. You can also download the track here for free. Thanks boys!