Catherine Traicos: Nobody Could Hear Us

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Catherine Traicos: Nobody Could Hear Us

Success can indeed be the sweetest revenge. On this, her eighth studio release, Traicos ‘moves on’ with perhaps her most poignant collection of odes. Her sublime sculpting of words and music bids ‘Good riddance’ to a thankless lover.

Simmering guitar ignites opening track ‘Fire’ before a change of tempo extinguishes the angry flame. While her vocals are breathy with candid intimacy, they never reduce to the ubiquitous ‘little girl’ delivery offered by many.

As a sole songwriter, performer, arranger, and producer, Traicos brought in long-time collaborator producer Nick Huggins(The Dirty Three, Bonny Billy) to mix and master. Dark folk-pop smacks down the old ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ mantra.

‘In The Light’ rises from the shadows with layered vocals. Shuffling rhythm and meandering melody close the conversation on the joyful single ‘And I Ran’.

Traicos balances the ups and downs in elegant style.

Reviewed by Chris Lambie