Casey Donovan on her return to the music scene and letting her heart and soul bleed out through words

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Casey Donovan on her return to the music scene and letting her heart and soul bleed out through words

You may assume it’s a career comeback, but with the release of Casey Donovan’s new original single, ‘Lonely’ and a six track EP to follow, what really has returned is Donovan’s musical passion.

“It was very therapeutic writing it, let’s just say that,” Donovan comments on her new song, followed by a healthy laugh – a woman back in her element, and finally returning to writing her own music.

She is the much loved winner of season two ‘Australian Idol’, and the most recent ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ champion, proving once again that the Australian public adore her. And it is certainly clear why. Her authenticity provokes appreciation, as her boisterous laugh, her joyfully frizzy hair and her ‘this is me’ approach to life has resonated with many. Her upcoming work reflects just that – moments of vulnerability, reflection and attempts to confront the tough issues.

“It’s definitely an oversight about what life has been like over the last few years, but also the newness of certain things. Like, there is a song called ‘Still Here’, that I wrote about my anxiety within the world, and what I have been dealing with and struggling with. But I’ve sung it a few times now at a few live shows, and the responses have been really, really great. It’s just people have felt the need to come forward and say, ‘you know, that song really spoke to me’ and that’s what I love about writing music – giving people that outlet to sit there and to be angry in those three minutes,” she says.

For Donovan, returning to the music is return to self. “I just got to the point where I just don’t want to be a cover-artist for the rest of my life. I started out in the industry, writing my own music and really just kind of letting my heart and soul bleed out through words. It has put me back into the creative mode of writing and having that outlet. It’s nice to get some shit off my chest.”

Donovan’s return to the musical world, however, she attributes to the Australian public after launching a kick-starter campaign a number of months ago, and laid it all in the balance.

“I put it to myself that if I make the money (to cover recording costs), I’m supposed to be in the industry, and if I don’t, I’ll kind of tap out for a little bit and reassess my values and what I want to do with my life. And it all came through which was really nice, and gave me the opportunity to get back in the studio and write.” And now that she is back in the recording seat, she isn’t holding back, “I like to experience and see what I can do as a writer, and also helping my producer out with what I want to hear and how I want it to sound. There are a lot of good discussions about which way I want to take it and how I want it to sound and what I want to achieve with the song. We have really been very experimental with this six track EP, there are some songs that are really epic masterpieces!”

Now things are just speeding up for the extremely popular artist. With her new track ‘Lonely’, an upcoming EP, a stunning Logies performance rendering a standing ovation back in May, a number of past and future stints in theatre, and her new position as the face of the Coles ‘down, down’ ads, Donovan is terribly busy. Fortunately for us, touring is on the cards.

“I love touring, and getting around, and visiting new cities and old cities, and letting the audience grow with me. It’s also great that I am single, and all I need to do is find someone to feed my cat,” she says with another hearty laugh, winning hearts everywhere.

Written by Megan McNeel