Carl Barat and The Jackals: Let it Reign

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Carl Barat and The Jackals: Let it Reign

The explosive relationship between Pete Doherty and Carl Barat is one that has kept The Libertines interesting even though their musical output has been quite limited over the past couple of years. Carl Barat has announced his new band The Jackals and last week they released their debut album entitled Let It Reign. Opening with ‘Glory Days’, it’s brilliant to hear Carl back behind the microphone rocking out once again.
If you combine everything you know about the Libertines and their Garage rock-indie-pop-punk-esque music, this is it all wrapped out into one tight little album. Clocking in at just 35 minutes, these hard rock indie jams are catchy and from just a couple of listens to this record I think that ‘Victory Gin’ is my favourite track on the album, it’s loud noise rock, but every once in a while everybody needs a shake up right?
‘Beginning to See’ is a bit of a slow burner and a track that will be on my iTunes most played for a few months. It’s got a brit pop and perfect melody about it that makes it infectious. Debut albums with new bands are always a hard gamble but Mr Barat, I bow down to you sir! What a tremendous debut. If you like brit-pop indie-rock, well check this release out. Who knows whether Carl will bring this band out to Australia, but if he does, I’d snap up tickets, you never know whether it will be a one off or not.
Out now via Cooking Vinyl
By Tex Miller