Caravãna Sun

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Caravãna Sun

When: 17 / 09 / 16
Where: Torquay Hotel, Torquay
Supports: Nocturnal Tapes

Launching their brand new record Guerrilla Club, Caravãna Sun is fresh from the return of their European Tour, bringing with them a live show to the heart of Torquay on Saturday night. The Sydney outfit, made up of Luke Carra (guitar and vocals), Ant Beard (bass, vocals), Alex Dumbrell (drums and percussion) and Ken Allars (trumpet, keyboard) exceeded my expectations for the night, providing an energetic night of beach and indie rock.

When the band came out in an explosive start, the humble venue was filled and ready thanks to the electronic duo, Nocturnal Tapes, warming the audience to the fresh, edgy stylings to come. Caravãna Sun’s new psychedelic sounds only enhanced their known eclectic, surf rock vibe, transporting you to warm summer days blissing out in the sun. Stand out tracks were ‘Dancing with the Devil’, ‘Open Up’, and ‘Days Like These’, as well as classic hits like ‘The Bottle’, which had the crowd swooning into each chorus. The track of the night however, was their acclaimed single ‘Eye of the Storm’. Starting off with guitar funk, the song transcended with keyboard chords and soulful lyrics, adding a surreal vibe that contrasted with their previous numbers.

With their indie upbeat vibes and serene vocals, it is clear their recorded material is no match for their live performance. The keyboard chords, blaring guitars, trumpet stylings, and slick vocals lulled me into a sense of wonder after only having listened to the guys for a short time. The mix of reggae, funk and surf rock was so well combined that the infectious and personality-filled performance isn’t one that will be forgotten.

Hats off to the guys, they injected a spark into this intimate venue transporting everyone to summer nights and good vibrations.

Reviewed by Talia Rinaldo