Caravãna Sun: Silver Linings

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Caravãna Sun: Silver Linings

Released on September 14, the Cronulla boys have brought the sounds of Dark and Moody surf rock to shore with their latest six track EP Silver Linings.
The EP gives off a psychedelic vibe touching on a few different feels and capturing the likes and similar sounds of Tame Impala with a hint of Cage The Elephant; this is especially noted in tracks such as ‘Modern Love’ and ‘Sliver Linings’.
The EP opens with the track titled ‘Come Back to Me’, which is a tribute to a lost friend, and sets the tone of Dark and Moody for the rest of the tracks to come. The release takes a dive into their personal lives as they take us on a journey of “Love, perception and ultimately death”.
The overall sound of the EP is well in touch with summer and the rapidly approaching festival season. Summertime vibes are set to hit hard with a National Tour from the Sydney lads starting in September and wrapping up at the Torquay Hotel on Saturday October the 27th. Armed with the perfect summer soundtrack, you’ll definitely want to get down the coast and hear these tracks live.
Reviewed by Shae Louise