Caravana Sun & Lasbrassbanda are co-headlining a 10 date Australian tour

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Caravana Sun & Lasbrassbanda are co-headlining a 10 date Australian tour

With the dust barely settled on their last acclaimed Australian jaunt, Caravãna Sun are gearing up to do it all again, this time bringing the wildly talented LaBrassBanda out to Australian shores to join the party. The highly anticipated co-headline tour will see this dynamic bill make their way up and down the East Coast over ten blistering shows on the ‘Horn Haus Party Tour’, giving audiences a chance to get up close and personal with some of the best brass band music out of Bavaria, as well as receiving a dose of that intense Caravãna Sun magic direct from the source.

This partnership, a cacophony of horns, rhythm, rock and frenetic funk-drenched energy has been in effect since 2017, when both Caravãna Sun and LaBrassBanda embarked on tour through Europe together. From those shows, a strong friendship and shared love for explosive and entertaining live shows was formed and now, it’s Australia’s turn.

To celebrate, we took off our interviewer cap and lent it to these legends – just for a moment.

First up we had LBB’s Manuel (trombone) & Fabi (bass) take on the interviewer role and directed some questions to Caravana Sun’s Luke.

You spend quite a lot of time in Germany. Which german beer would you recommend to your fellow australians?
We have drank way too many great beers in Germany with Labrass to remember all of them. The most common & best one is Augustine Beer – legendary Bavarian beer.

You follow the summer. Which one do you prefer? Australian or European?
Love both summers. Europe seems to be more drinking/ party vibes (probably because of LBB), while in Australia we surf a lot more & enjoy nature.

We bavarians are keen to know: How do you keep your perfect surfer bodies in shape?
Heheheheh not really sure what to answer this. To be honest we always put on weight during our European tours!! I think we lose the weight when we get home surfing a lot and less bavarian beers to tempt our tastebuds

For two years now, you have been proud owner of a bavarian lederhosn. How often did you wear it in this time, and what was the most memorable thing happening to you, while wearing them?
Not enough!! I’m pretty sure we have all put them on at various times as a party trick. The strangest was i did gardening once in them to get them a bit rough & dirty. My neighbours laughed at me/ my wife thought i was a massive tripper. hehehehehe

What thougt‘s went through your head, when performing the first time for a bavarian beer tent crowd?
We honestly thought it would be a really tame/ people sitting on long tables eating snitzels…. Pretty much the stereotype of Octoberfest. But we were completely blown away with the Labrass Banda tent experience. Its fucking incredible!! Loose / party / festival vibe! Thank you so much for inviting us along to share with you!

And then we had Caravana Sun’s Luke come up with some questions for LBB…

Favourite activity while on tour?
Dancing on Stage, and at the Aftershow.

Who is the worst snorer in the band? Ps keep them away from me.
Fabi our bass player.

Who is the biggest beer drinker in the band?
Huaba (Tuba)

Favourite banger to dance to when drunk?
Cotton Eye Joe (rednex)

The best joke/ prank that has happened while on tour?
Once we put a Cabbage in the Tuba. He didn‘t realize for half a year.