Captain Bar is hosting an epic fundraiser this weekend for beloved Geelong woman suffering rare condition

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Captain Bar is hosting an epic fundraiser this weekend for beloved Geelong woman suffering rare condition

Abbey Gasparini. Photo via socials.

This Sunday, Captain Bar in Geelong will host 'Captain for a Cause', raising funds for beloved local and Captain family member Abbey Gasparini.

Geelong woman Abbey Gasparini suffers from a rare condition called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome).

CRPS is a chronic, crippling pain disorder that can develop following an injury, or in Abbey’s case, her brain surgery in 2016. She now needs treatment in the US and the local bar is trying to help her get her goal of $100k, as part of a Go Fund Me, started by her close friend Tiana Demetriou.

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“Abbey does so well at hiding her pain, that even her closest friends weren’t aware of the extent of the suffering she has been enduring,” the Go Fund Me read.

“Some of you may already know that this is not the first time she would have her very personal story shared for the world to see in order to receive funding for a treatment that could change her life.

“She does her best to keep a brave face, put herself out there to socialise, and do all the normal things a 27-year-old should be doing, but in the last year, especially the last few months, Abbey’s condition has become so bad that she can no longer do anything without chronic pain.”

For people with Abbey’s condition of CRPS, it feels like the body is on fire, being crushed, alongside many other symptoms. This debilitating condition is quite rare and the treatment Spero clinic offers is not available in Australia.

Despite attempting to manage the pain for the last seven years – a lifestyle no human should have to endure – the pain has now become completely unmanageable for the young woman, forcing her to cease employment and alter her lifestyle dramatically.

“If the illness continues to spread to all other areas of her body it can be extremely debilitating. Abbey’s future depends on this treatment, because of how quickly it is progressing,” the Go Fund Me continues.

“The light at the end of the tunnel for Abbey is the Spero Clinic, in the USA. They specialise in CRPS. But to reach that light, Abbey needs $100,000 to get there and cover costs, which is a hard goal to achieve as she is unable to work.”

Abbey now needs our help – the local community – to raise funds to help treat her crippling illness.

“One thing about the Geelong community is that when someone we know comes to a hurdle in their health journey, we seem to be great at coming together to help that person heal.
We have come together before for Abbey, and her gratitude for that cannot be emphasised.

“We are now asking for you to come together again, only if you are willing and able.

“Abbey did not want to have another fundraiser and feels embarrassed about having her health journey so public and reliant on others help… but as her friends we ask, what do humans do when others are in need? We help.”


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With the Go Fund Me up and running, currently raising a total of $21,915, Captain is doing their part to raise funds with an awesome Sunday session this weekend.

‘Captain for a Cause’ will kick off in the outdoor space that is Captain this Sunday, May 22nd, where you’ll be met with an urban oasis of lush garden and natural wood, with drinks served out of a retro caravan and a slew of local live DJs.

It kicks off at 3pm and runs until 11, with all door sales, Captain Session Ale karma kegs and raffle proceeds going towards Abbey.

So go on, round up a crew, grab a tinny from the bar, pull up a milk crate, and do this for Abbey.

Find out more about the event here, or donate to Abbey’s Go Fund Me here.