Cap Carter

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Cap Carter

Manila-born, Australia-based R&B/soul artist Cap Carter is an honest, unapologetic singer/songwriter who is not afraid to bare his soul. Over the past few years, he’s been connecting with audiences by sharing his story through music – documenting the highs and the lows with vivid songwriting and deeply emotional vocals.

With just a handful of singles and a debut EP 2021’s ‘Notes’ to his name, Cap has built a genuine relationship with his fans. They have resonated with his stories of addiction, heartbreak, and, personal growth as well as his dedication to communicating with them. The quick growth of his career is a testament to his ability to connect with a voice that demands to be heard.

It’s powerful and textured with a lived-in experience that’s impossible to engineer. Cap describes his music as, “Gut wrenchingly raw street poetry.” Most would shy away from the raw topics that he addresses within his music but he’s a brave songwriter driven by the catharsis of it. His latest single ‘Sequel’ addresses a particularly tough time in his life.

In 2021, as his music was continuing to spread, Cap spent much of his time in rehab working on, “unlearning behaviours that I had picked up from childhood,” as he puts it. While there, he was encouraged to write a letter to his younger self as part of the healing process. He took the letter as an opportunity to tell himself that everything was going to be okay and that letter became ‘Sequel’.