Canada’s energetic indie rocker Tennyson King reveals his rich new single ‘Wild Rose’

Canada’s energetic indie rocker Tennyson King reveals his rich new single ‘Wild Rose’

Words by Jessica Magtalas

The indie-folk, rock and roll star has gathered fans from nation to nation, there’s no surprise that he’s loved by many across the globe.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Tennyson King has been living his dream, travelling and sharing music with different cultures everywhere.

Since releasing his 2018 album Coast, a catalogue of tracks provoked by his time in Australia, King has taken a more of a mild turn with this single.

With the combination of sweetness and mellow sensibility, ‘Wild Rose’ is an acoustic masterpiece perfect for the road. Known for his earthy blues and rock and roll sound, King knows how to make awe-inspiring music, capturing the essence of a true indie folk nomad.

Accompanied by soft guitar and the steady beat of the tambourine, we take a journey with King into his thoughts during his time on the road.

From touring internationally during difficult times such as the Hong Kong protests, Australian wildfires and the COVID-19 outbreaks in South East Asia, the blues rooted musician fascinates listeners with a narrative inspired by his experience.

No stranger to Australia, the high-energy live performer has taken the stage in the land down under on multiple occasions, even performing at the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival just last year. An easy-going guy and a mesmerising storyteller, one look at him will give you a boost of serotonin.

A travel junky, his passion has led him to countries in North America and adventures like backpacking in South East Asian nations. With that, capturing audiences with his reverberant sounds and hypnotising stage presence.

Performing with notably great acts such as Paul Dempsey and Clare Bowditch, the Canadian musician is an act not worth missing.

Check out his new single below.

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