Camille Barr’s new single is an in-depth reflection of being a woman in today’s world

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Camille Barr’s new single is an in-depth reflection of being a woman in today’s world

“[Music] is something that I have always wanted to do,” explains Camille Barr, who has recently made the transition from poetry to writing music, in what she describes as a “natural progression” – a progression that she explains is quite a common one.

The transition stemmed from her interest of storytelling through poetry, where for her, “adding music is a way to enhance the use of rhythm to make the story more memorable”

Camille’s poetry and now her music is very political in content and takes aim at areas including gender equality and happiness, aiming to somewhat explain the complex issues that they are. “I also really enjoy how both poetry and music can declutter complex concepts, easing the way for sharing knowledge.”

This process is present in her recently released debut album ‘Gypsy Song’ and especially with her second single ‘Because I was Born a Girl’ which goes into the discussion of being a woman in today’s world. Camille described the content of the song as “recognising that patriarchy still exists within our culture and that it is a system that not only limits women’s opportunities but it is a system that is limiting human potential as a whole.”

Along with the empowerment that comes with becoming aware of these things and the opportunity to challenge it.

This approach to tackling such large issues has had her labelled by many as “a politically and environmentally minded poet”, a label that she doesn’t mind at all. She explained that what she really does with her work is “I write poetry and music that examines life and the world that provides this life.”

In regard to her writing process, she stated “I always begin with the lyrics that tell a story and then I just let the music develop around the direction given within the story” then working with her producer Sefi Carmel to perfect the sound.

Her collaboration with Sefi has continued and Camille is far from finished with music. She will be releasing a few more songs to finish off her EP and then onto working on an album. All while continuing on learning to play the piano and “exploring her singing voice” which are relatively new things for Camille, though you wouldn’t know it.

Release: ‘Because I Was Born A Girl’ is out now.

Written by Bert Seaton