Caligula's Horse: Bloom

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Caligula's Horse: Bloom

Caligula’s Horse may not have been around for too long, but they’re making their mark on the music scene in a big way. Their third album – and latest effort – Bloom, is an emotional, melodic fusion of rock and progressive metal.
Prog rock/metal is the style of music that rewards patience, and Bloom certainly does that; while it may start soft and slow, the crescendo that the band builds to is excellent. Their sound is familiar, but unique; they sound rather like Karnivool, but with an excellent metal twist. Bloom isn’t really the kind of album that you can pick apart and listen to tracks individually – it’s the kind of album that needs to be listened to all in one go in order to really appreciate that band’s work.
Caligula’s Horse really show off their depth; Bloom is quiet and almost plaintive at times, only to switch to high-tempo, energetic tracks like ‘Turntail’ when you least expect it. Melodic guitar dances over the top of punchy, cymbal-heavy drums and really showcases their talents; Bloom is populated with some really catchy, intricate guitar work, and overall comes across as the kind of album that would have prog fans salivating.
Out via InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Alastair McGibbon