Cafe Bear and Scoobs on combining a love of food with a love of people

Cafe Bear and Scoobs on combining a love of food with a love of people

If there is one place serving the desserts you’ll want to break your diet for, it’s North Geelong’s Café Bear and Scoobs.

With a fully licensed Dessert Bar, this quaint café are now serving desserts, cakes and deliciousness on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s from 6pm til 9.30pm, proving itself to be so much more than your regular quick stop coffee and cake café.

Three months ago, the dessert kings behind this delightful establishment, Mark (Bear) and Dave (Scoobs) decided it was time to do what you love and love what you do, offering a menu that contributes to this vision and producing fresh food prepared on-site; including all the cakes and slices which are made in the café every day.

“We usually have six or seven slices as such. There’s usually always a cheesecake, there’s always a brownie, we do three gluten free options, and vegan options, then there’s all different types of hedgehog. We have a spearmint one, an Oreo, a red skin, we’ve got a sticky date, we’ve got a crunchy – so we try to do those ones. And French vanilla – we can’t make enough French vanilla,” Bear explains, with the flavours constantly changing.

But if there’s one thing we’re glad that stays the same here, it’s the delicious cupcakes. “We always have four different types of cupcakes – there’s a chocolate mud, red velvet, salted caramel and there’s a white chocolate and we always have those all the time.”

With a highly skilled cake maker on site, these are some of the best cakes to come out of Geelong and if they don’t have what you are looking for, chances are Bear can work his magic and come up with the perfect solution to your needs.

Featuring a dedicated dessert menu alongside all the sweets and treats on display, the delectable menu features favourites like a rhubarb brulee, chocolate roulade (which is actually gluten free), and a blueberry and pear crumble. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also the sweet ricotta gnocchi which comes with lemon curd sauce and praline pistachio crumble.

Scoobs 2

The team at Café Bear and Scoobs know it can be hard to make a dessert decision, which is why they offer their dessert tasting plate. It’s a surprise selection of four of their delectable desserts, all served with double cream and ice-cream. It’s no shock that it’s the best seller.

“This one will change regularly,” Bear explains. “We’ll do a photo up on a Thursday night and say this is what is on our tasting platter, last week it was a sticky date, strawberry mousse meringue, a chocolate trifle, and crème brulee, and then we do an ice cream, which also changes every week.”

One dessert that really caught our eye was the Bacon and Eggs dessert. Here you get choc-chip brioche toast with soft meringue’s, saffron and turmeric chocolate yoke, vanilla bean custard and candy maple bacon. “That maple bacon is cooked three times, once grilled, the second time it’s grilled with maple syrup and then the third time is cooked again to make it real crispy and sweet,” Bear explains. Is it a dessert? Is it breakfast? Is it a stand-alone meal? You’ll just have to try to find out.

Not a super sweet tooth? The café still caters the rest of the week to those of you who aren’t a fan of sugar, offering some lovely savoury dishes with all day breakfast options, soup, lasanga and a range of pies and sausage rolls. However, it truly is the sweep of delicate, wondrous sweets that will slay you: Aero cheesecakes, trifles of brownie and raspberry coulee and the rich hot chocolate pudding oozing with chocolate in a warm mug. Are you sold yet? Perhaps these might be washed down with the finest hot chocolate, the world’s best coffee or designer cocktails blended for a sweet tooth.

“We will have a barista on every night so you can have a coffee when we do the dessert night, or you can even have a glass of chardy, or a Furphy, or a cider. Come September 1, we’ll have four cocktails on every night – so we’ll be doing an espresso martini, a mojito, a mango daiquiri, and a gin sling. They will be our four but again we will rotate them like we do with the desserts.”

There’s an air of experimentation out there, a mood of playfulness, a desire to redefine the very idea of the dessert experience at Café Bear and Scoobs. And while we know that Cafe Bear and Scoobs offer some of the yummiest food in Geelong, with mouthwatering cakes, salads and hot food, they can also cater to your next function or event in-house – desserts for everyone.

Put on your comfy pants. These early-winter nights are the perfect time to try what the guys are dishing out.

Where: 1/18 Thompson Rd, North Geelong
Ph: (03) 4208 1130
When: Monday – Wednesday 7am – 3pm, Thursday & Friday 7am – 9:30pm, Saturday 8am – 9:30pm

Written by Talia Rinaldo