C.W. Stoneking Gon’ Regional

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C.W. Stoneking Gon’ Regional

Following a successful national jaunt, C.W. Stoneking is heading out for a regional adventure. His early years saw him raised by his father in the Aboriginal community of Papunya, before relocating to Sydney when he was nine. Stoneking had a guitar in his hands by the time he was 11, and by 13 he was playing with local bands. While a student at Sydney’s Balmain High School, Stoneking stumbled upon some of his old man’s blues tapes. He became hooked. These days he lives in rural Victoria, around three hours out of Melbourne. His new tour supports 2014’s Gon’ Boogaloo, his first album since 2008’s Jungle Blues. The album, sans horns, was recorded in just two days in a studio in Castlemaine owned by his mate Alex Bennett. It’s a little different, too, with Stoneking plugging in for the first time. The Brag: “It’s taken six years and a shiny gold Fender Jazzmaster, but C.W. Stoneking has gone electric, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t carry it out with aplomb … Stoneking is a master of the blues and Gon’ Boogaloo is a step forward in both sound and story. The legend of C.W. Stoneking continues to entertain and delight.” Theatre Royal, Castlemaine – February 28.